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St. John Asphalt Paving

St. John Asphalt Paving

Your St. John Home Can Benefit From Asphalt Pavement

Residential homes and businesses can be enhanced with asphalt paving by a professional team of installers. At Jif Paving Inc., we offer a variety of services for your space depending on your current needs. We can provide driveways, removal, resurfacing and patching of areas.

Why You Should Worry About Your Driveway

As a homeowner, you have a lot on your plate and many things to worry about day in and day out. It may not seem like a high priority, but your driveway is really the first impression of your home and can be a clue to how conscientious you are as a homeowner. A sharp, smooth well-done driveway does a lot for your curb appeal,  and keeping it looking that way should always make your priority list!

How Asphalt Can Help Your Home

There are numerous ways that a professionally installed asphalt driveway can make your St. John home look even better.

Proper drainage: If your driveway has poor drainage, it will prompt more maintenance and possible repairs. You could see standing water, which could lead to issues and possibly potholes. We ensure correct installment of your asphalt areas with the proper slope and crown to make sure that water moves to the assigned areas, such as a stormwater basin.

Expert installation: We are pros at what we do. With our team’s combined years of experience hitting about 70 years, we have hours of hands-on work on a variety of projects so we are ready to tackle what your St. John job has in store. You can expect our crew to work on your asphalt paving correctly so it will last years to come.

The green side: Asphalt is one of the most recycled products in America and is an indication of your company’s dedication to helping preserve the planet for the next generation.

A good value: As a homeowner, you’re all about saving and money and making good investments in your home. Selecting an asphalt driveway vs. concrete can offer a lot of savings for installation.

Durability: With numerous vehicles driving on your driveway over the years,  you want to have a material that lasts and stays looking good. Asphalt is the choice of roads for a reason. You can bring that durability and staying power to your St. John home with an asphalt paved driveway.

We’re Your Company’s Asphalt Company

At Jif Paving Inc., we will outline the work plan and what it will cost with a free estimate! At every job site, you will find our owner to make sure you are receiving the quality and service that you expect and that we have provided for our customers over the years. Call us today to schedule an estimate at 219-671-7584, or send us a message online. We also offer commercial paving services.

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