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Schererville Asphalt Paving

Schererville Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving Brings Value, Beauty To Your Schererville Home

When comparing concrete to asphalt, “blacktop” is the clear choice for your Schererville home’s driveway. At Jif Paving Inc., we can outline the reasons why our professional crew and asphalt are the best options to add value, style, and durability to your driveway.

The Basics Of Asphalt Paving

When it comes to driveway materials, there are basically two choices: asphalt and concrete. While both materials begin with stone and sand, the binder is what is different. Concrete uses cement and asphalt uses a type of tar substance.

Due to the differences in binders, you can expect benefits out of your asphalt-paved driveway at your Schererville property.

Seamless and smooth: Asphalt paving provides a dark style that some homeowners truly appreciate as it’s a look that continues from roads to their driveways. This look can boost the curb appeal of your Schererville home.

Movement in chilly temps: Asphalt is a more flexible material than concrete so there is an inherent flexibility in the material. An asphalt driveway will flex when there are sudden changes in cold temperatures, which can help prevent cracks and crevices. You will also find that asphalt is a material that holds up to salt so you can shake it out during the winter and not worry.

Looks like new: At Jif Paving Inc., we are happy to come out and keep your asphalt driveway looking its best by assisting with any resurfacing needs that you may have over the years. A maintenance plan keeps your hard surface looking and feeling just like new.

Fixes fast: When concrete cracks, you can expect a challenging repair that will probably still leave a mark. While asphalt paving provides a surface that is simpler to smooth out and you won’t even know that a crack was ever there!

Driving time: Concrete installation is a time-consuming process that will leave you without a driveway for about a week. This is totally different with asphalt paving as the material is ready to drive on or cured within days.

“Green” material: Asphalt is one of the most recycled materials so you can feel good about your decision to pave your driveway with the more environmentally conscious hard surface.

We Work On All Sizes Of Projects

At Jif Paving Inc., we are proud of our years in the industry! We have tons of experience in residential paving projects all around the region and Schererville. We offer all of the services that you would need, including new driveway installation, removal of existing driveways, old asphalt removal, asphalt installation, repairs and resurfacing.

We Are The Answer For Your Asphalt Paving Project

We offer no-cost estimates of your project at Jif Paving Inc.! Our owner is at your site during your project as another way to ensure quality and the best customer service. Call us today to schedule an estimate at 219-671-7584, or send us a message online. We also offer commercial paving services.

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