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Peotone Asphalt Paving

Peotone Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving Updates Your Home Or Business In Peotone

Your property says a lot about you! Whether you have a commercial space or home grounds, we can help make a statement with a new look through asphalt paving. At Jif Paving Inc., we bring the best to your Peotone property.

Asphalt Is The Answer For Your Peotone Property

Asphalt paving offers tons of bang for your buck! As a strong, flexible surface, asphalt not only looks good but also provides durability as a lasting but flexible material.

Here’s why asphalt paving checks boxes off of your list:

The process: Installation is easier and quicker as the curing time is typically a matter of days. This allows for less interruption at your Peotone home or business. On the opposite end, concrete can take weeks to cure and be driven upon.

The strategy: Our team can assist with maintenance, which helps prolong the life of your asphalt driveway and hard surfaces. This plan also keeps everything looking new and fresh and keeps your property looking its best.

The adaptability: Asphalt has the inherent ability to move when temperatures change, especially during the cold and winter months so the hard surface material can adapt. Asphalt is also less likely to be affected by salt-based ice removal products so feel free to sprinkle away any slippery spots.

The fix: If cracks or damage do occur, repairs are not as extensive as concrete cracks and our team can come out and review what needs to be done and repair the issue so your commercial or residential Peotone property can look like new again.

Commercial, Residential Jobs Part Of Our Business Portfolio

Our Jif Paving Inc. team has hands-on experience with a variety of sizes and types of commercial projects throughout the Peotone area. Our services include lot and industrial paving, new parking lot installation and removal, resurfacing and patching. We have had the opportunity to serve the community since 2007 and members of our team have a combined 70 years of experience. Our professional manner allows us to solve any challenges that may surface when we are working at your home.

On the residential side, we can offer a variety of services, including installation of a new driveway, repairs and resurfacing, removal of the existing driveway or old asphalt and stone engraving.

Ready To Tackle Your Peotone Project

At Jif Paving Inc., our crew can provide a free estimate for your asphalt paving project. We pride ourselves on our work and customer service that we bring to each and every job. You will always find our owner on-site to ensure our level of quality is maintained. Our work ethic has allowed us to maintain a strong presence in the industry year after year.

Feel free to call us at 219-671-7584 or send us a message online.

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