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Monee Asphalt Paving

Monee Asphalt Paving

Knowledge Is Power For Asphalt Paving Decision

The benefits of asphalt paving makes the final decision for your driveway easy! At Jif Paving Inc., we have a team of qualified and knowledgeable experts to work on installing, resurfacing or repairing an asphalt surface for your Monee home.

Asphalt Is Tops In Hard Surface Selection

When it comes to making a decision on your Monee home’s driveway – whether it’s an existing house or a new construction – you should examine key considerations. We know asphalt will be seen as the top choice once you review the following.

Install ease: An asphalt driveway has a shorter installation time than concrete as it cures at a quicker pace. Once our team members place your new asphalt, you will be able to drive on it sooner than if it was a concrete application.

Weather conditions: The ability of asphalt to move allows for more flexibility during the cold and winter months. This means your surface will be less likely to crack. The darker color also attracts sunlight and may help with snow and ice removal by assisting with the melting of these winter weather issues. De-icing products typically don’t affect asphalt surfaces as they can concrete.

An easy fix: If your asphalt driveway does sustain some cracks or damage, our Jif Paving Inc. team can take care of the issue swiftly and efficiently. We provide repair services as part of our skill set portfolio.

Keeping a fresh seal: Part of asphalt paving maintenance also keeps it looking like it is brand new, providing the best look for your Monee home. Concrete cannot be resurfaced like asphalt can, which makes the surface more permanent and can lead to issues during the life of your hard surface driveway.

Color a plus: Asphalt paving is called blacktop for a reason! The darker tone of asphalt provides a more forgiving surface when stains happen at your home. They won’t be as noticeable due to the darker color.

Finding A Fit With Asphalt

At Jif Paving Inc., we have worked with so many homeowners throughout the community and have built a reputation and skill set that will benefit you and your Monee home’s asphalt surface. It doesn’t matter what size the job is – we work on large and small projects. Beyond new asphalt driveway installation, we are also available to remove old surfaces that need to be replaced and repair any issues your existing asphalt areas may be experiencing.

Your Community Asphalt Paving Company

At Jif Paving Inc., we offer free estimates for your project! Our owner is at the job site of all of our projects to maintain the quality of our work. Call us today to schedule an estimate at 219-671-7584, or send us a message online. We also offer commercial paving services.

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