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Merrillville Asphalt Paving

Merrillville Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving Answer To Your Merrillville Property Problems

The drab dull look of your hard surfaces can easily be rejuvenated by your asphalt paving experts. Though it may not seem like a priority on your home to-do list, your perspective will change once you have asphalt paving updates throughout your grounds. The look, feel, maintenance, repair process and drying time all make asphalt paving a smart choice for your Merrillville home or business.

Here’s how your problems can be solved by the professionals at Jif Paving Inc.:

Issue: I don’t want to disrupt my Merrillville business.

Answer: Asphalt paving has a drying time that is relatively quick so your company, employees and customers can get back to business as usual within days.

Issue: Winter has really beat up the hard surfaces of my property.

Answer: Asphalt has the ability to flex with severe temperature changes that occur during the colder months in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana regions. Since it can move, cracks and crevices are less likely to pop up. Also, salt and de-icing products can be utilized on asphalt without worry to how they will affect the surfaces.

Issue: I want to refresh my driveway and maintain the look throughout the years.

Answer: The smooth and sleek surface that is asphalt offers a beauty that is unique to the hard surface material. Fixes are easily done with an updated application of asphalt and this also allows for the continued look to be retained year after year.

Commercial, Residential Solutions Found With Your Merrillville Asphalt Paver

You can rely on Jif Paving Inc. for high-quality customer service and professional asphalt paving services. We can tackle both commercial and residential projects and are happy to come out and review what you need completed and provide a free estimate.

For your Merrillville home, we can remove an old driveway, install a new driveway, remove old asphalt, install new asphalt, perform repairs and do resurfacing and stone engraving.

For your business property, we can tackle a new parking lot installation, removal, resurfacing and patching of your asphalt surfaces and take on a lot or industrial paving.

Our team has completed countless jobs since our business launched in 2007 so our experience is based on hours of hands-on work. When you put the time together of our crew, you will find that we have more than 70 years of job know-how so you can expect that we are knowledgeable and problem-solvers and that we can adapt to whatever your particular project can throw at us. We are 100 percent customer-focused!

Find Out Why We’re Your Asphalt Paving Professionals

At Jif Paving Inc., we are honored to have the opportunity to serve you at your home or business! To find out what we can do for you, feel free to call us at 219-671-7584 or send us a message online.

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