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Meet The Team That Stands Out From Other Highland Asphalt Paving Companies

When we laid down our first asphalt driveway, we also put down the foundation for our family-owned and operated company and expert team that we continue to develop today. Our owner is available at every job and project as excellent customer service is key to our success. Our owner strives to ensure that our work exceeds your expectations and this is based on our expert knowledge that has been garnered through hands-on work at both commercial and residential projects. Asphalt has continued to provide perks to property owners and we are happy to highlight these with you at a review of your unique project.

Our Services Make Us Tops Among Highland Asphalt Paving Companies

Our Jif Paving team can detail what benefits asphalt-paved areas will bring to your home in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region. Asphalt is seen as a very recycled material, which offers a choice that you can feel good about and feel that you are contributing to keeping our planet “green.” Your asphalt driveway will match up with most roads and they are also paved with asphalt. This creates a continued sleek appearance that can add to your curb appeal. You and your kids will also enjoy the experience of how wheels roll along – whether they are attached to a vehicle or bike.

We are ready to work with homeowners on projects that include the following: removal or a current driveway or old asphalt, installation of a new driveway or new asphalt, stone engraving, resurfacing and repairs.

Taking On Commercial Jobs Why We’re Best Among Highland Asphalt Paving Companies

Working with commercial clients can provide challenges and opportunities and we embrace that notion. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that we want our business to run smoothly every day and that being busy is part of being a business owner. By implementing asphalt for your hard surface areas, you can keep your property looking great. A component of working with asphalt is that it has a faster installation process. The material has a quick drying time, so once we get started on your job, it will wrap up faster than you think.

You will see the stability of the material first-hand when it lasts through the extreme temperature shifts that can plague our seasons. Asphalt moves along with these and can flex, due to its pliability. If for some reason an issue does occur, our crew members can easily repair or fix any damage. If it’s time for a new surface, we can assist with restoration as well. We can work with business owners on jobs that include the following: industrial or lot paving and paving of a new parking lot as well as removal, resurfacing and patching.

Highland Asphalt Paving Companies Keep Your Place Beautiful

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